Dashboard One Stage One Outline

Dashboard One Stage One Outline

Dashboard One's first stage complete!

We have made it to stage one, I know have built a functional backend CMS system to use on my own sites and intergrade with other projects. It isn't the prettiest, that being said it isn't the ugliest. I will make it look pretty after I have it fully functional just the way I want it. 

For now its features include.

Google Analytics Dashboard

This is a really basic dashboard with some basic stats, below these graphs are some stats that include pageviews, bouncerates, browsers, geo location and top 10 pages.

Article Lists and Builders

I don't have a screen shot of the builder, but it is similar to the blog builder I will talk about later. This is the list in table form, the account select dynamically changes results depending on your selected website/account. These accounts are selected based of a users unique session.

Blog Article Lists and Builder

Blog lists dynamically fetched depending on a users account. 

The blog editor. Minor styling changes need to be made here.

  • The input fields current transform all text to uppercase, I need change them so they dont
  • I need to make the page a little prettier
  • I need to make a "browse server" button for the thumbnail and banner URL inputs


This CMS has the ability to upload images to servers based on a users session. 

Enquiry Forms

Collection off form submits per user account. These tables then can be exported into a CSV file, downloaded with the accounts name and form title.

SQL Account Settings

This CMS gives you the ability to add multiple accounts to a users account. This is done with SQL injection in mind and served using counter measures.

I am now in the process of developing ideas for stage two. I am in the process of designing the flow and the UI's. I am also developing algorithms to keep my head straight. Progress for the project is heading in a positive direction, still some time before we can move onto heavy styling and preparing for full intergrated solutions. 

More features to come in stage 2, stay tuned...!

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